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Life 🚀

Guess I can’t keep the promise to update the blog once every week, but that’s not quite right because I do keep my promise 😋. I have been working really hard to revive MikaTeach last week and now the website is back and running under a new top-level domain name. I am really happy that it’s working now but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Make sure to read MikaTeach Is Back post if you haven’t because I have explained in a great length on why I have revive it back + some other announcement that I think is really important.



The coursework for this semester is quite taugh ☄️ arrr. There’s a lot of things to do and time is running fast. Luckily I have almost complete it and what’s left is the documentation part.

Tips for anyone that always procrastinate, watch this video and trust me, it works!

Job Hunting

Yes, this is the time for Internship and I have to look for a job. I have been doing some research from the past couple of weeks and so far it’s 50-50. Ther’s few companies that looks and sound promising but I am not entirely sure because this is my first time and have never experienced/exposed to working life.

The search is still on and hopefully when I managed to land on my dream internship job, I’ll let you guys know in another upcoming future post. Might share lots of tips and adventure!

One thing that I surely know is that Job hunting is quite taugh (really taugh), make sure to prepare as early as possible and get yourself fully baked.

New Tools

Yes I know, I have never failed to amazed you guys ⭐️. I learned this new things called Renderless Components in Vue.JS few days ago and the article is written by my sensei Adam Wathan, cool guy and great teacher.

In his post, he discuss on how to make vuejs component to be reusable by not having the component declara/define their own html structure. It’s a must read for everyone using Vue!


Portfolio section will be updated soon, and I think that’s all for the updates 🙆🏼‍ make sure to stay cool and happy coding 👨🏼‍💻.

Published 24 Mar 2018

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